Amherst’s Best HVAC Company

Amherst winters can be brutal and the last thing that you want is a company that does not deliver excellence. What makes Shagovac Heating & Cooling Amherst’s Best HVAC Company?  By choosing Shagovac, you are making not only a smart decision for your heating services, right now. You are making the best decision for your needs that can last a lifetime. With our help, Amherst winters will feel like sheer comfort inside of your home. Call Shagovac for an in-home consultation today!

New Heating System in Amherst, Ohio

With winters as bad as they have been the past few years, many people have experienced a rise in energy expenses. Shagovac offers reliable and affordable new heating systems in Amherst, Ohio to assure lasting comfort during harsh winter weather. Contact us today to find out more about seasonal rebate opportunities and extended payment plans.

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Amherst Furnace Repair

One of the biggest winter weather fears can be untimely furnace breakdowns and loss of heat inside of your home. Winters can push your equipment to its limits, but with Shagovac Heating and Cooling, Amherst furnace repair has never been so easy. We work 24/7 to restore your family’s comfort quickly and efficiently – turning your Winter woes into Winter pros.

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